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Who we are

SADOT was founded by Nadav Sade, M.A. in environmental and urban planning from Ben Gurion University. SADOT operates out of love to nature and open spaces, and acknowledgement the importance of finding optimal construction solutions and intelligent use of earth’s perishable resources.

Our team specialized in environmental planning and consultant, microclimate aspects and production of geographic information systems (GIS) maps and applications. In each of our services, starting from early planning stage to the approval of plans, we implement environmental and scientific knowledge from the fields of Geography, Ecology, Environment and Urban planning. All to fulfill our agenda according to which environmental well-being make people healthy in body and mind.

Since 2016 we escort entrepreneurs, architects, local authorities and government ministries in various of environmental projects, including environmental planning for new residential neighborhoods, establishment of industrial areas, outline planes for moshavim and kibbutzim, ecological and scenery opinions, environmental appendices for renewable energy infrastructures, surveys for the establishment of villages, accompanying urban renewal plans, building towers, master plans and more.

Our firm is registered in planners and consultant databases of public institutions such as the ministry of constructions and housing, the settlement division, the KKL-JNF the planning administration and ministry of tourism, as well as project management companies and large architectural firms. 



+972 (0) 528 880062

We believe in a synergy between man and environment and understand that the need for development of advanced infrastructures can and should go hand by hand with intelligent planning that protects nature values, heritage and culture.

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