About us

"Sadot – Planning. Tourism. Environment." is a company that was founded from a burning desire to create a better world for everyone, with the main components from this mandate being a healthier, wealthier, more pleasant and more sustainable one.

The main areas of our business include Tourism Planning and Environmental Consulting. We believe that with smart planning, it will lead to a smarter development and ultimately to a better life. The main objective for "Sadot" is planning for the people, by the people.



        What do we offer?


In the touristic field:


  • Tourism Master-Plan – For municipalities who want to plan ahead and develop sustainable tourism based on local businesses.  

  • Regional Branding – Geographical based marketing by using your area SWOT to allow for an increased income from tourism with minimum investment in an environment of expensive infrastructure.

  • Creating Regional Co-Operation – Connecting all of the local businesses and sites in the area by using geographical attributes of the region in order to create empowerment for them businesses.

  • Tailor made packages for touristic businesses.


In the environmental field:


  • Sustainable Environmental Planning – Aims at decreasing the influence of human beings over their surroundings. We will accompany you during your statutory planning process and bring the most efficient environmental input.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment – Writing environmental reviews and measuring the environmental impact of infrastructures.



      *  For the planning work that we undertake, we use advanced GIS software    

         and social processes as public participation and surveys etc.


"Sadot - Planning, Tourism, Environment", established by Nadav Sade – Geographer & Urban planner (M.A.) and a producer of trips and excursions.



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